June 19, 2006 What you want... When you want it Volume 06.2
What a Year !!! - by Mike King
Well it has been just a bit over a year, and what a year it has been! It is hard to believe what we have been able to accomplish in such a short period of time. Better yet, we have enjoyed taking all the ideas and making them a reality.

When we first started PVX Plus Technologies, our goal was to focus on the issues and needs of the business application developers using ProvideX to create an even better more advanced development environment. Well, I think I can safely say that it has been an outstanding success–- so much so, that our biggest problem is keeping you informed of what we have available.

There have been eight releases in the past year, each with something new and different. From performance enhancements, new graphical interfaces, database connectivity, online help, to simple things like enhanced functions. A lot of new features and capabilities! Hopefully, we have been able to deliver something new and improved for each and everyone of you.

Given this, I thought it would a great time to go over all we have done. Who knows? Perhaps we have done something you missed – or perhaps you are just looking for ideas to take your application to the next level.

Most of you have been to my presentations in the past and know how excited I get when I am talking about new developments. I can not talk slow and I am seldom brief. This time is no exception. All I can tell you is that I really did try to keep it short.

The key to customer satisfaction - Performance

  • External Program Cache Manager reduces program load times and memory load on Windows
  • Internal IOLIST caching reduces the time it takes to parse data by up to 40%
  • Client Server WindX Property Caching and Compression improves remote performance
  • READ and SELECT access by physical record position reduces read time by a factor of ten
  • Reduced List box load times by a factor of between 5 and 8 (standard and formatted list boxes)
  • Program load times from SERIAL files reduced up to 25%
  • String to numeric conversions optimized to increase performance in file I/O and the NUM function

Keeping your stuff safe and accessible - Data Management

Keeping up with the neighbours - Technology Advances

New ways to keep looking your best - Graphical UI Improvements

  • Controllable Grid column sorting using 'SortOnHdrClick and 'Sort properties to control sort options
  • List view also has 'SortOnHdrClick property to control sorting of the columns
  • Input fields enhanced to provide an Auto-Complete option based on query definitions
  • Mouse Wheel now supported throughout the system
  • Two new properties added to control the scrolling of List boxes and Grids - 'TopVisibleItem and 'TopVisibleRow
  • Background images within NOMADS allow you to define images (pictures) to use as a backdrop for the application panel
  • Buttons can be created in the System Tray / Task Bar area
  • New Hyperlink style button that appear like standard text-only web page links
  • Simplified the removal of controls with new REMOVE CONTROL id directive
  • Variable drop and list boxes now have a 'CurrentItem property to indicate the current list selection
  • List boxes and tree views have a 'FindItemText$ property for fast searching and setting of the 'Item property
  • The Treeview supports the 'Backcolor, 'Textcolor and 'LineColor properties to the definition colours within a treeview
  • In Nomads, a "GUI Control Font" has been added in font selections to specify the font used by the operating system
  • Button, check_boxes, and radio_buttons have a 'Cursor property to set the cursor to use when the mouse is over the control
  • Formatted multi-lines improved so a format of "00000#" will not suppress the leading zeroes on the returned value

Helping you create your application - Improved Development Environment

  • Context sensitive help at command mode or in the editors
  • Web based help at http://manual.pvxplus.com
  • Interfaces to WINCVS source control system to track program and screen changes
  • Graphical editor *IT now has a UNDO/REDO option that will track the last 200 changes
  • Windows tracing enhanced to include direct file logging and SQL commands
  • Larger programs supported by eliminating the 32K limit for variable name and offset table size
  • Command Mode Improvements:
    • Ability to step through individual directives in a statement using ';'
    • Added right mouse popup menu which includes Copy/Paste/Help functionality
    • Command line history buffer eliminates duplicate command mode inputs
    • Improved Error reporting when exiting to command mode
    • New 'dir' command that provides directory/file browsing
    • A 'new' command that issues a DELETE and BEGIN to clear your environment
    • Unix style 'cd' and 'ls' commands
  • Nomads design/development time improvements
    • Screen design improved for Dependency definitions
    • Added 'Lock on top" options for Data Dictionary maintenance

'Old dog' learns great 'New Tricks' - Language Enhancements

Bringing new faces to the world of PxPlus and ProvideX - Conversion Tools

  • New Visual Dictionary™ added to the system to simplify the creation of Data Dictionaries on files

Thoroughbred Specific

  • Enhanced Thoroughbred conversion tools to support FINPUT, MSORT, ADDSORT, REMSORT, etc.
  • Utilities added to provide processing of IPLINPUT and TERMINAL files
  • INPUT Directive validation rules enhanced to support variables, substrings and array elements
  • System parameter '47' emulates the IF47 logic (avoids the need to manually review all IF statements)
  • Enhanced the named window emulation logic
  • Extended the DROP directive to allow original or absolute program name to be used

BBx Specific

Why PVX Plus Technologies?

  • Enhanced language features
  • Frequent releases get product in your hands quicker
  • Easier installations with internet based activations
  • Up-to-date documentation easily accessible
  • Ability to satisfy custom requirements
  • Internet based online support available
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Database support now...
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