October 31, 2007 What you want... When you want it Volume 07.4
Halloween Exclusive

What we heard in Europe

Halloween 2007: The attendees at the European Conference, hosted by EDIAS Software International, had a sneak preview of some products we will have available soon. One of these products received such a great response we decided to share it with everyone.

No matter what country we were in (Germany, Netherlands, or France) or what language they spoke, the response was universal --- "Wow"

Therefore, nothing spooky from us this year, just a simple question:

We think it is both! However, check out the following link for information about iNomads and decide for yourself. Is it a Trick or Treat?

Build 9171 includes

  • HTTP calls using Soap & XML
  • Integrated XML parser
  • Buffer and file handle sharing for improved performance
  • Paper source & orientation changes midway through print jobs
  • Multi-part Pseudo properties
  • New Windows 'Service' configuration utility for Simple Client Server
  • Enhanced SHA digest support

... PLUS much much more

See product for details

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