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iNomads Release v1.0
Nov 9, 2008: PVX Plus Technologies is pleased to announce the availability of its latest technological innovation - iNomads . This product will allow you to take existing Nomads based applications and run them from any web browser using the power of AJAX.

Some of you may recall when we first introduced iNomads back in the fall of 2007. In the past year, we have worked closely with several beta testers who have been using iNomads with their applications. During this period, we have fine-tuned, embellished and tested our new iNomads product. We are now ready to release iNomads to the ProvideX community.

What does this mean to you?

iNomads takes your existing Nomads panels and dynamically converts them the HTML. These in turn can be used by any web browser (IE, Firefox, Safari or Opera) to run your application. Little, if any, program changes are needed to use iNomads. Your existing events and logic will continue to function just as if they were running locally and/or through WindX/JavX.

Advantages / Benefits

  • No need to rewrite your application
  • No learning curve – use the tools you know already
  • Maintain desktop & web application in one place
  • Quick return on your investment
  • Supports MAC or Linux, as well as, Windows
  • Install once and access from multiple sources
  • Modernize the look & feel of your application
  • No special software required on workstation
  • Flexibility in the presentation of your screens

Easy Installation

Since iNomads uses HTML and JavaScript to process your Nomads panels, it works inherently with all standard web browsers. No additional software needs to be installed on the user’s workstation. This eliminates the cost of software deployment and means the applications can be used virtually anywhere; from desktop to laptop, at work, home, internet Café, or even are your client’s client. It even works on an iPhone or any portable device that has full browser support.

  • No more downloads to install supporting software
  • No concerns about firewalls or security

A True Web Based Application

iNomads is a true web based application, not just a souped up terminal emulation launched from the browser. By using native HTML and JavaScript, iNomads provides you all the advantage that entails.

While its primary intent is to allow you to run your Nomads based applications, it can do a lot more. It provides direct access to all the features and capabilities that the web has to offer, such as, Flash. This in turn provides a richer end-user experience, plus opens many new avenues for application development.

Of course, you could re-write your application in order to make it work on the web. However, now you do not have to that. With iNomads, the transition to the web is immediate. Besides, you get the added benefit of using the same code for either web or standard graphical deployment.

Not only does iNomads handle your graphical presentation but it also provides support for the printer access interfaces (*viewer*), system help, spawning, OCX emulation, and other ProvideX/PxPlus interfaces.

  • No learning curve for the web
  • No application redevelopment to get to the web
  • No changes to existing interfaces for printing, etc.

Greater Visual Flexibility

The web offers a wide variety of ways to present information to your end users. iNomads takes advantage of this by allowing you to tailor the visual look of your application. Because iNomads presented screens use standard HTML to display the panels, the physical display of the controls and layout can be edited using Style sheets (CSS) and templates.

You can take existing application screens that look like this:

and have them appear like this:

or perhaps like one of these:

Does this sound too good to be true?

Then take a look at the website we have setup where we are using iNomads to run the ProvideX Application 2007.

See how you can take your application to the next level.

Please note: since this application launches additional windows to run the application you will need to disable your popup blocker for this site, in order to view the demo.

As always... "What you want... When you want it."

Recent additions to PxPlus

  • Built-in spell checker
  • IOLISTs in Prefix file
  • Improved VLR file formats
  • Blinking text on Windows
  • Spreadsheet grid lines for list view controls
  • Wrapup services
  • Windows 'inittab' emulator

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