October 16, 2006 What you want... When you want it Volume 06.4
Autumn is Colorful - Shouldn't you be?
October 2006 -- It's autumn and the trees are putting on their annual display of color. Sadly, that means that soon we will be in the dull grey days of winter. I mean let’s face it, grey is just not an exciting colour and while it seems to be the norm for Windows applications, maybe now is the time to freshen up your applications.

No one is going to get excited with:

So let's take a moment and see what we can do to get rid of that grey and spruce up our old applications to keep some of the beautiful colors of summer and fall alive.

One way to get your clients excited all over again about your application, is by giving them options to change or personalize the look of the application. Now with very little effort, two of the recent additions to PxPlus give you the ability to do just that.

Background Images:

If you have a company logo, why not flaunt it? If your application is selling flowers; why not a background of flowers? For a veterinary system; how about adding a cute puppy or kitten background? (Who could resist??)

The new Background Image feature allows you to take any image and have it appear as the background for your Nomads panels. Various options exist in terms of placement and style of image from simple centering of the image, image expansion to fill the panel, or to my personal favourite, tiling the image to fill the panel.

Using background images can spruce up any application and provide just that extra element of professionalism to your system making it standout from all the other dull and boring grey screens.

Web-Style Buttons:

The internet is quickly becoming the de facto standard for interfaces these days, and there the hyperlink rules supreme. It’s rare to see a web page full of buttons, so why should your application be any different?

With PxPlus’ new web style buttons you can convert any button into what looks like a hyperlink. These new buttons look and act just like hyperlinks on web pages bringing a fresh new look to your application.

Unlike previous buttons, where you had no control over the text alignment which made placement of the buttons next to impossible, PxPlus web style buttons support not only left, right and center text alignment options but also control over word wrap.

These two simple changes can spruce up your application and along with other PxPlus features, such as, the auto-complete of input fields will allow you to add some “pizzazz” to your application – setting it apart from all the other standard grey screens.

Thank you Toronto!

You helped make our event an overwhelming success.

Twenty-seven attendees representing 16 different companies were present. Most were local participants with some traveling from as far as Chicago and Nova Scotia. They had the opportunity to see first hand some of the new features available in PxPlus and best of all how they can use them in their own businesses.

We are planning to do similar presentations in the USA. If you would be interested in attending a presentation, please send us an email noting the city and state where you are located.

Build 9163 now available

  • Data Encryption using industry standard ciphers
  • A faster Application Server on Unix
  • Native 8-bit Unicode support using UTF-8
  • Multiple record formats on your data files
  • New ability to create your own controls or enhance existing ones
  • Direct pixel addressing

... PLUS much much more

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