July 1, 2011 What you want... When you want it Volume 11.4
Connectivity Inside & Out

PVX Plus Conference - DireXions+
Tuesday, September 6, 2011 – Thursday, September 8, 2011

File I/O Updates,    
  ODBC 64 bit, &  
    SQL Command Utility

You will not want to miss this presentation!

With discussions that cover 4 years of New Features and Enhancements along with the new 64-bit ODBC driver and SQL Command Utility. The presentation will be full of information that will help improve existing and build better applications that interact with ProvideX/PxPlus data.

Some discussions to look forward to in the presentation:

  • How we made file I/O easier.
    This will cover the new and improved installers, various SQL restrictions that have been removed, and more.

  • How we made file I/O more useful.
    This will cover enhanced VLR file support, EFF file support for the file I/O library, and more.

  • We live in a 64-bit world.
    This will cover common confusion caused by 32-bit ODBC drivers running on 64-bit operating systems, how our current 32-bit file I/O products run on 64-bit operating systems, and the new 64-bit PxPlus ODBC driver.

  • The Command line is King.
    This will cover the new SQL command utility and how and when it should be used.

Reserve your spot today and Connect with us in Vegas!

For more information go to our website: http://direxions.pvxplus.com

As always... "What you want... When you want it."

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