Feb 15, 2010 What you want... When you want it Volume 10.1
Celebrations and the Plus Difference
Feb 15, 2010: It's a new year with new challenges and even though all the groundhogs have predicted that spring is a long way off, we're just not willing to sit back and wait till then to see our sales bloom. So here are a few things that perhaps can help you get the seeds of deals planted in your client base.

Happy Anniversary!
(to us)

It’s hard to believe but PVX Plus Technologies is now 5 years old. That's right! Five phenomenal years have come and gone since our inception.

In February 2005, we started out with plans to bring you some of the best features that technology had to offer.

Since then, we believe that we have accomplished just that and a lot more. We’ve made many new friends and strengthened long time relationships. With well over 100 clients, spanning the globe—from USA and Canada to Europe, Chile, Australia, South Africa, and the Philippines— we have established a great dealer base.

It is this kind of response that motivates us to continue developing the tools that you need to make your business prosper. We've only just begun. Technology advances have not stopped and neither will PVX Plus.

People always ask 'Why PxPlus?'

That’s a question we get asked a lot. You might also be wondering: What makes PxPlus special and why should I pay for it? Well, over the last five years we have added a lot to PxPlus. From things that enhance performance, better tools for the developer, access to new technologies, to our latest offering which lets you take your Nomads applications to the web.

There are too many reasons to list them all here, so instead we decided to post a list of on our web site. This list is NOT the top ten reasons (we can do a lot better than those late night hosts.), but rather 101+ reasons to add PxPlus.

Check out our list at:


We're sure that somewhere in there you will find some great reasons to make the switch.

Six minutes well spent

If you haven't seen it yet, there is a six-minute overview of the PxPlus features that came out with Version 9.

I know we're all busy these days, but why not check it out. I'm sure you'll agree that version 9 is definitely something worth looking into.

Click below to watch the video:


  Making better Queries; a reason to upgrade:

The Nomads query system has been around a long time and it forms an integral part of most ProvideX/PxPlus based graphical applications. It’s a great tool that can be used to provide a simple list of values from one or more related files, and is great for providing data entry lookups and/or quick reports.

Back in version 7 of PxPlus, we added additional functionality to queries to allow them to serve as the source data for auto-complete input fields, and now with version 9 we have taken them even further, some of which make a compelling case for your clients to upgrade.

One of the best new features added is the ability to filter the query data. This allows the query to be refined to only include those records that satisfy the filter. For example, say you have a query against the client file, but only wanted to see the clients on hold; using a filter would allow the user to just view and clients that satisfied this criteria.

When you then combine the filter option with the ability of the query to print, your clients and can use the query system as a simple report/listing generator to extract and print selected data.

Along with the filtering option, use the new ability to hide columns and you can make the query system even more powerful for your clients. Simply add extra 'hidden' columns of information and/or formulas that the user might want to include in reports. The user, from within the query, can then select and un-hide the columns they wish to view and report.

Use the new export mechanism to directly send the query data to a spreadsheet, and the query system takes on a whole new usefulness.

This is just one of the many reasons that your clients should consider the upgrade to version 9.

For more details check out: http://wiki.pvxplus.com/index.php/NOMADS_Query_Enhancements

Bringing a little Unix to the Windows world

For all us old fogies that remember the good ol' days of Unix, the switch to Windows has always been meant the loss of a number of Unix features.

One of aspects of Unix we missed most was the ability to easily run processes in background using the 'inittab' feature. This Unix capability allowed us to run a process in the background and have the system monitor it in an on-going basis, re-launching it should the need arise.

Well we decided that this functionality was just too valuable to live without so in version 8.11 we added a windows service utility that lets us relive those wonderful days of Unix.

Check out:


As always... "What you want... When you want it."

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