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PVX Plus Development Suite Build 9161
Pvx Plus Technologies is pleased to announce the immediate availability of our latest build - 9161. This is one of our biggest and most feature-rich builds thus far.

It includes a wide variety of enhancements -- all designed to allow you to increase the functionality of your application with a minimum of effort or change.

Some of the main features added with this release are:

  • Auto-download for WindX programs and images
    No more having to copy picture files to workstations or sharing directories
  • Built-in file output/update duplication
    The system can automatically output data to multiple files with a single command
  • BASE64 and UUENCODE conversion routines at the language level
    The CVS Function now provides common character set conversions
  • Enhanced TCB functionality to make it easier to query your environment
  • Enhanced multi-segment file handling
  • Improved on-line help for WindX and Client server implementations
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