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PVX Plus Product Info
PVX Plus would like to give you a sneak peak at some of the enhancements you can anticipate with the release of our product. Many of you have been asking us about this, so here it is:
  • PVX Plus Program Cache Manager
  • Enhanced WINDX Performance – WindX Compression and Host Side Caching
  • WebStart Plus Kit – Quick Start Tools for Web-Front Applications
  • PVX Plus Journal Analyzer for Crucial Audit Trails
  • Memory File with Alternate Keys
  • Improved Structured Error Handler (similar to TRY/CATCH in C++)
  • Source Code Control Interface
  • Auto-Fill/Complete Input Fields
  • System Tray Buttons
  • Mouse Wheel Support

There is much more planned for this release. We hope to see you at our booth at DireXions so that we may demonstrate all of the new features and enhancements

Thanks to the suggestions that we have received from some of you, our list for future enhancements is also growing. A couple of future feature enhancements that we are considering are:

  1. Single EXE for PVX Plus Programs
  2. Access to Thoroughbred Files

We would appreciate your input on these two items to help us determine the developer’s interest.


Mike & Rosabla

PVX Plus Technologies, Beta Team
(888) 975-PLUS

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