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Announcing PVX Plus Development Suite 6.30
PVX Plus Technologies, Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of its Development Suite version 6.30! This new release, that builds on what was already one of the most powerful and cost effective development solutions, has something for just about everybody.

PVX Plus v6.30 delivers significant improvements to system performance with the new Program Cache Manager and an Enhanced WindX. New features, such as the Source Control Interface (SCI), offer developers a way to manage their application revisions by tracking all program and screen modifications.

Numerous enhancements to the existing standard ProvideX® along with additional features and functionality make it the perfect development environment for you to create new products and revenue opportunities for your business.

New product features include:

  • External Program Cache for Increased Performance
  • Enhanced WindX with Caching and Compression
  • Auto-Complete Input Fields with Predictive Queries
  • System Tray Buttons for Windows Task Bar Access
  • Source Control Interface for WINCVS (SCI)
  • Memory Files with Alternate Keys and Faster Access
  • Dynamic Field Separators to Ease Conversion and Data Parsing
  • Structured String Definitions for Compatibility and Easy OS Interfacing
  • Structured Error Handling with C++ Style Try/Catch Functionality
  • Default Printer Setting for Font, LPI, and CPI
  • New 'OPTION' Mnemonic - CenterWdw and AlwaysOnTop
  • Enhanced ARG Function for Simplified Field Manipulation
  • Enhanced DIM Function for Array Searching and Summation
  • Enhanced KEY Function for Multi-Segmented Key Generation
  • Object Interdependencies to Simplify Housekeeping
  • Mouse Wheel Support for Editors, Grid and Std. Input
  • Automatic Segment Removal for Keyed and C-ISAM Files
  • Windows Tracing Enhancements with File Logging and Program Tracking
  • Conversion and Migration Improvements in Utilities and System Features
  • Miscellaneous Enhancements to NOMADS, Functions, Properties and Utilities
  • PXPlus V6.30 System Parameters Summary List

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For additional information and/or questions, please contact us as support@pvxplus.com


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